High-quality items, such as a printed marquee tent, can last for several years. Trends and styles, however, do not. Booths, flags, and tents that are out-dated will not capture the attention of visitors. They will be just as likely to walk past as they are to stop.

If the business logo has been changed, presentation materials must be changed as well to avoid confusion. Printed products are cost-effective so getting something different will be worth the expenditure. The improvements in leads generated, visitors educated, and business exposure will result in a higher return on the investment.

Exciting New Designs

Companies are constantly designing new products to help businesses stand out from the competition. A sky banner, for example, hangs above the booth from the venue ceiling. Printed with the business logo, this addition will catch the eye of visitors the minute they enter the venue.

Outdoor tents are available in a wide variety of styles. Instead of a traditional tent, consider a three or five point star tent. This design provides a substantial amount of shade for those who enter. The spacious interior allows for chairs, tables, and a soda bar. Those items can be printed as well. People will appreciate the brief reprieve and remain through a short presentation, or stay to ask questions.

Other Reasons to Alter Presentations

A new brand, an expansion of product lines, or a business milestone is also an opportunity to update materials. The logo with a banner added across it to announce seventy-five years in business will be eye-catching and impressive. Booth walls can be redone to reflect new products. That will let visitors know new information and samples are available.

An interactive tower is a perfect way to show a progression of brands. The bottom tier can have information about the signature product. The middle can be dedicated to the current best-selling item. The top piece can include a video presentation of the newest brand being introduced by the business.

Update Promotional Gifts

Visitors are inundated with promotional gifts at these events. Many will be similar and not get used ever again. Instead of the short handled tote bag, provide satchels with adjustable shoulder straps. People can place the strap across the chest or over the shoulder. That allows them to carry all the information and gifts gathered from booths and still be hands-free.