Understanding Royalty Free Music In a world where many people are becoming innovators day by day, establishing a unique intellectual property is very difficult. It is therefore paramount to protect any intellectual property so that any benefits from it only reach the owner. This is the reason for many countries putting up measures for protection of intellectual properties. Governments use royalties as measures to ensure that only innovators to a certain concept benefit financially from proceeds related to the innovation. The music industry is arguably the largest industry that uses royalties. This can be linked to the fact that music is something that is consumed by the public. It is therefore very prone to duplication and having people benefiting from songs that they did not compose. To aid musicians cab this vice, governments have set up copyright societies that help artists be the sole beneficiaries of royalties from their music. It is however good to note that there is royalty free music. One would then ask what is royalty free music? The superficial meaning of this phrase does not refer to the real meaning. Royalty free music is not free music in whichever context. It is music whose license allows a person to buy it and pay only once and be able to use it for as long as they want without having to pay for it again. To understand it better, one can use a song that is royalty free for various purposes having paid for it once.
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It is possible to buy royalty free music and use it as background for advertising your products without being accused of infringing on copyright issues. The use of royalty free music in movies is yet another example of how it can be used without being subjected to further payments. This can however not apply to music without a royalty free license. One must pay for this songs any time they use them for other purposes.
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It is mandatory that movie makers find out if a song is royalty free prior to using it. If it is royalty free, they will pay for it just once and be able to use it in not only one movie but also other subsequent movies to be shot. It is expensive to have a royalty free music license. The expense is pegged on the fact that it is a one off payment that guarantees full access to using the song for a diverse range of purposes. This is different for songs whose license is not royalty free since even if you pay less you will still pay any other time you use the song for other purposes other than the one you bought it for. The use of royalty free music in public places is also allowed after paying for the music once. Copyright and rights issues are not infringed in this case as long as the right process of paying for the song was followed in the first place.