The Most Important Marketing Tools – How to Choose the Right One

1. Yourself – your style, personality, expertise, background and so forth.

1. Your marketing missive and communication.

3. Your investment like your time and your money.

On the other hand, the marketing tools that you are going to pick so as to deliver your marketing messages to your target population play a significant role as well. And in order to make this point clearer, I have categorized the different and most commonly utilized marketing tools as well as strategies into three different groups.

1. The direct approach involve the ads, flyers, website, direct mail, brochures as well as the cold-calling: the marketing drive is definitely obvious, it is a form of one on one transmission of message directly to your target audience and this mainly focuses on the advantages of the goods or services you offer.

2. The indirect method such as social media, press releases, articles, presentations as well as networking: the advertising is more understated and more of informative type. The benefits that are being conveyed are more generic, for instance, not only associated to a certain product or service, but also to the category of that certain product or service. It is conveyed in the form of groups and not individually which could include the contacts that are not included in your planned and immediate target audience.

3. A 3rd party appointment method is the common relationship that is contingent on the marketing method; you will not do the marketing yourself, on the other hand, you need to build relationships as well as a group of strategic alliances with individuals who will and can refer your business to other people. And also, this is known as the word of mouth marketing approach.

Based on your experiences as well as what other people have shared about theirs, we can now categorize the different marketing delivery tools by means of their efficiency as well as effectiveness. Now, all of these information are definitely advantageous in helping you to decide which marketing tools are you going to utilize and which ones you should not. Here is a summary for you.

The word of mouth marketing or referral based strategy is seen as very efficient and most effective.
With regards to indirect approach, the networking is the most effective, on the other hand, somewhat efficient because you need patience and time with it.
And when it comes to direct method, the cold calls, advertising as well as the direct mails are considered as the most effective and efficient kind of marketing tools.

Be certain to select the best marketing tool for your business.

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