How to Transport Your Horse

What should you be looking for when looking into a horse transportation service? A trip can be stressful on your horse, so you want to make sure that you are hiring the right horse transportation service to make the trip easy and stress-free. Before you hire a horse transportation service, you need to consider some important factors. By considering these important factors of horse transport companies you can be sure that you and your horse are well taken care of.

When consider a horse transport company be sure to inquire about their transport rigs. Your horse likely means a lot to you, so it is natural to want to make sure they will be comfortable while they are being transported. A proper rig and stall will give them enough room to be comfortable and not be designed to pack as many horses as possible in there. You will have peace of mind knowing your horse will have the space needed to be comfortable and your horse will likely feel less stressed out. With how stressful it can be on the horse to be transported, you want to make sure that you horse will at least have enough room to be comfortable.

It is also a good idea to ask about the care plans the horse transport company uses. It is good to know the frequency in which your horse will be fed and watered, some do so at every stop while others feed and water in the mornings or at night. You will also want to discuss any of your horses dietary considerations with the horse transport company to ensure they are able to accommodate for these. It can also be a good idea to have the contact information for the driver and be sure they have yours to contact your during the trip. Updates letting you know where your horse is and estimated time of arrival are nice for you to be aware of. These are good personal touches that a reputable horse transport company can often provide.
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An important part of finding a good horse transport service is checking online and with friends for reviews and opinions. Reviews are easily found online through the company’s website or a third party resource. Checking these will give you an idea of the horse transport company’s service and history satisfying customers. To narrow down your choices and find reputable horse transport services, checking online is a good first step.
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Finding a good horse transport company can give you the peace of mind before a big move. If you consider the right details, you can easily find the right horse transport company. If your horse has enough room to be comfortable along with plenty of food and water, you will find that the trip will be less stressful for the horse and yourself. With the right horse transportation company, your experience and your horse’s will be easy and stress-free.