The Benefits of Hiring Remote Database Administrators

Because of the competitive nature of business we have today, cutting down costs and increasing efficiency is the objective of most managers. In many large firms, you’ll often find a team of database administrators working round the clock to make sure that software applications run efficiently. Though, in smaller companies, it’s hard to spot such a group of professionals because it’s costly to hire a database administrator. Database administration is an important task that smaller businesses cannot do without.

Because of this, smaller companies have found a way to work around this issue. Through sharing a database manager, small firms can now access the vital services these experts provide. Like other business services, database administration and support can be outsourced. Firms are nowadays utilizing the services of remote database managers. If you are not sold on the benefits of using remote DBAs’ then the following article will hopefully convince you.


The tough business environment we are currently dealing with has forced managers to constantly workout ways to be more efficient in operation as well as reducing the overall wage bill. Because of this reality, many businesses are turning to outsourcing as a way to save costs. Compared to employing someone on a full time basis, in outsourcing you only pay for a service rendered. Most of the time, the salary that an employee draws from a company may be more than the value the individual brings to the organization. With outsourcing you only pay for services equal to the value of your money. Small firms couldn’t afford database managers in the past but they can now afford them because of outsourcing.

Access Different IT Services

Any time a firm hire a database manager in house, it expects that the professional will be able to solve every database admin problem. This is due to the fact that such experts are paid well. The professionals mostly do routine maintenance work, something that such companies don’t realize.

Though, in instances where there is a technical database issue, a firm may be forced to look out for more experts to workout a solution. This impacts the bottom line of the company since they have to pay more money outside despite having a full time employee. But when a companies chooses to engage remote database administrators, they easily access many professional with different IT skills. Due to this benefit, a firm may be able to solve even the most difficult database issue without incurring extra costs.

Round the Clock Service

To say the least database administration is very important to a company. If a database glitch occurs at odd hours, a company’s operations could be in danger. Remote database services usually operate 24 hours a day. This ensures that at any time database issues can be solved.
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