How You Can Make Good Use of Being Snap Happy

In a digital world where everything can easily be documented through smartphones and digital cameras, being a snap happy individual usually means having hundreds or even thousands of photos stored in your device. Being someone who loves to take a shot on everything you think is interesting is kind of a unique thing because not everyone would want to spend their time snapping photos.

Although those photos will stay in your device without really getting that much attention from you, you actually can make use of them in some valuable way. So if you just can’t get rid of your snap happy personality, you might as well learn how to take advantage of your tons of photos.

1 – You can make a collage of memories for your friends.

There’s no denying that a huge chunk of those photos you have contain or feature your friends. So instead of having to hide and store them forever, why not print them out and make a collage? Yes, you can easily give them a digital copy of those photos so that they can view them through their own devices, but you can’t deny that a collage is a little more sentimental and romantic, right? There’s no doubt all those recipients of the collage will greatly appreciate what you gave them.

2 – How about stock photos?

However, if you’re not really willing to have your photos printed, you at least find another way to give them some use. You probably don’t know it yet, but you actually can sell your photos to a stock photo website online. Once these companies get the ownership of your photos, they will be using it for various purposes like for website use, online news publications, magazines, and even personal blogs. For your part, it’s actually a compliment to see others appreciating your work.

3 – Perhaps printed art could fancy you.

We discussed earlier that you might be one of those who aren’t interested in having your photos printed. But then again, there really is no telling that you could end up having your photos sold in top dollar as printed art; you just don’t know it yet. There have been quite a few instances in which snap happy people realized that many of their photos could be very interesting for collectors and art aficionados that they will never hesitate to buy them. It isn’t really something you consider as new because there have been so many amateur photographers who made it big just because they also were snap happy back then and have collected a lot of good photos that could pass as genuine and legitimate artwork.

In the end, you just have to realize that while you consider many of your photos as nothing special, some other people out there may appreciate and value it more than you do, and it’s up to you to take advantage of that.