Bible Study And Bible Reading: What’s The Difference? In an effort to have a better understanding of the bible, every true Christian is seeking to have a more meaningful bible study. Yes it is true that it’s a joyful task to learn the bible but there are some good advice that can enrich your bible studies even more. First, let’s learn the difference between bible reading as well as bible study. To grow, you should read the bible every day as part of your time to reconnect with God. During this time, it is recommended to have a prayer, praise, thanksgiving, bible reading, mediation and confession. These are the ways on how your spirit can reach out to God. Bible reading is just of the many ways that you can speak to your mind and to let God refresh your spirit as well. It is advisable that you read the bible broadly rather than reading it narrowly if you’re sincere in learning the bible. Yes it is true that one verse devotional may be quick but keep in mind that it isn’t going to do much help to understand the bible. Instead, the better thing that you may do is read 1 chapter from Old Testament, 1 chapter from the New Testament and 1 chapter either from Proverbs or Psalms every morning. On the other hand, you must know as well that sessions of bible study is different from bible reading.
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In comparison to reading, bible study is a lot more focused on single topic, book of the bible or bible character for a closer study. Well, let’s just set a quick example here, scenario, you’re reading the New Testament: The Epistle to the Hebrews. You’ll soon realize that after reading it for so many times, there are still some digging you need to do in order to figure out what it truly says. That’s where the bible study enters. Expect here that it will require longer period of uninterrupted time only to understand it. Perhaps, you need to set aside 30 to 45 minutes on your schedule for the week to have an in-depth bible study. Just always remember that when having a bible study, blocks of time are so important.
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The possibility of being engrossed in bible study is inevitable that sometimes, it comes to the point where you forget the true meaning of why you’re doing it. Just being able to recite orthodox doctrine and quote verses doesn’t mean bible knowledge. Ultimately, the real purpose to why you are doing bible study is to exactly learn what the bible is teaching so by that, these teachings can be applied in real life. When doing bible study, the simplest way to understand it is find answer to questions such as what does it say, what does it mean to your life and what does the reading mean during the bible times.