Creativity can be taught. It is not something that falls from the sky on the wings of a unicorn. It is something that can be harnessed to make a bad idea better or worse depending on the effort put it. Creativity is like magic. It is hard to predict and always changing, but it manages to do brilliant things when done properly. This is the good and bad of creativity in the workplace.

Unlike magic, creativity can mostly be explained away with some sensible and logical conclusions. Despite popular belief, creativity comes from a place of logic- most of the time. See, great creativity comes from solving a problem. This is where businesses most admire creativity. The basis is that the creative solution solves an already present and pressing problem.

Companies have budgets and margins to look at. A creative idea may seek to fix something that has a clear impact on the budget. A creative discussion can begin with the full extent of imagination. But, somewhere along the line, it needs to be grounded to a present concern. Find the biggest obstacles moving forward. Begin discussions with how these obstacles can be worked around or suppressed. Ideally, they should be taken right off the table. Untethered creativity can get out of hand because it is not tied to something inherently problematic in the business.

Some creativity is ignored or skipped over. It is not so much that the idea is bad. It just may not be solving a major problem. It could cost extra money. It could have benefits that don’t fully outweigh the cons. Creativity may be great and wonderful, but it has to resolve something that is already happening within the business. A New Brunswick Creative Agency begins by exploring where the problems are. The company team will then take a look at creative solutions to those problems. The solutions cannot introduce too many new problems because it then overrides the purpose in the first place. Creativity should have a basis in problem resolution. If it doesn’t, it is then a project with no legs- an idea that can begin and end on creativity without anything pulling the reigns.

Solving Problems, How Creativity Can Go Unchecked If it Isn’t Tied to a Problem