Ten Steps to Become a Computer Genius

You deserve to master everything about your desktop computer or laptop. It is quite impossible for people to not know how to operate a computer, with all those pending office work and school assignments that are needed to be done using one. You can actually do more than just browsing or making accounts in different social media platforms, which can be done by still using the same computer or laptop.

If you will take down notes from this article, there will be no reason for you not to become the next computer genius in your school or workplace. If you want to level up, read and understand the 10 ways in becoming the best computer user.

1) Shut Down Your Computer Appropriately
Turning your laptop off in a proper way is just a simple step which most of the people do not follow even though they know it. If you want your computer to function well, you will give it a good amount of time to shut down. All your important files will be saved properly and not lead to corruption if you follow this very simple step.

2) Do not Remove USB Sticks Without Ejecting

You know yourself that your USB sticks contain files that are important for you, too. You will actually see an “eject” word when you right click on your USB stick’s icon. Your laptop is programmed to tell you that your device was ejected properly. When you are transferring any kind of file, you must not remove your USB stick right away, which can result to corruption of files.

3) Prefer the Default Settings

Default settings are used for your laptop or desktop’s programs. Basic users are advised to follow these settings. Sticking to these settings will help you do your tasks faster without experiencing any technical problems. Do not play with the settings if you do not want your computer to go slow. Those settings are there for specific purposes, which is why you should not alter even one of those.

4) Learning Should Never Stop

If you have a new laptop or desktop, might as well take some lessons about it. Information technology is a very interesting lesson for you to learn. Learning will be more fun if you enroll yourself in an IT class which can be done in the evening, if you want. You should not deprive yourself from learning in order to become the best computer user in your city.

5) Investing on Good Software and Useful Programs
Aside from learning about the basic computer skills, you need to know about the different programs and software that you can use. If you want to improve your way of design, let yourself be taught about a background maker or do some photo edits with the use of Photoshop.