When it comes to creative projects, sometimes you need a little help. After all, you can only do so much, and some projects are more ambitious and require some extra hands on deck, so to speak. The problem arises when the members of your team have differing schedules and can’t make meetings, which leads to a problem with keeping the group focused and all on the same page. This can make completing the task at hand an exercise in futility, but there are ways to not only work around this, but even thrive with an otherwise disjointed team. Here are a few tips to help keep your disparate group working together efficiently.

First and foremost, keep in touch. Communication is an important facet of human society as a whole, but that importance quickly multiplies with group projects. Therefore, you’re going to want to ensure that you, and your team, are available as often as possible to other team members. There are a few ways to do this, and it starts with cell phones. Making sure you and your team all have working cell phones is important, because this is the most efficient way to contact others from anywhere at any time, and it enables the rest of this list with internet connectivity. So, don’t be afraid to drop some coin a cell phone from Samsung.

The internet provides several methods for keeping a project on track, but let’s continue, for now, on the topic of communication. Facebook groups can be a great way of sharing project info, so long as you keep it private. This allows for a group conversation in messenger, as well as a private timeline only accessible to you and your team to post relevant data to. There are also several ways, including Facebook Messenger, of having voice and video chats, as well. Skype is a popular choice, for example.

Another way, and perhaps the most essential, to keep a project together at a distance is to use Drop Box, or a similar file sharing app, to share project info. Drop Box allows multiple users to share storage space online that is downloaded to your computer but also syncs with everyone else that has access. Therefore, it’s a great place to dump project info, as well as notes and other relevant information. With these tips in mind, you will likely have an easier time corralling everyone as needed to complete your project.