Calling mobile optimization important to online stores would an understatement. Any online store that wishes to remain solvent in the age of smart phones needs a site that’s been fine-tuned for mobile browsing. Although a number of site owners refuse to acknowledge this fact, they’re doing so at their own peril. Even if it means giving your store a full-on overhaul, mobile optimization is guaranteed to prove well worth any expense or effort on your end. Site owners who are still on the fence about mobile optimization would be wise to consider the following tidbits.

1. The Majority of Web Traffic is Now Mobile

Although traditional desktop and laptop computers aren’t going anywhere, the majority of web traffic now comes from smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. Over one billion people worldwide access the web through smart phones, which are the browsing tools of choice for a rapidly growing number of Internet users. As of 2014, mobile devices account for over half of all web traffic, making mobile users a demographic that no site owner can afford to ignore.

2. Revamping Your Site Isn’t as Difficult as You Think

Many sites owners have held off on mobile optimization because of its perceived difficulty. Luckily, this process isn’t nearly as daunting as these individuals seem to believe. With the help of services like, you can create a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, mobile-optimized website in a matter of hours. Even if your web design experience is minimal – or nonexistent – you should have no problem working with the tools provided by the aforementioned company.

3. Mobile Users Do More Shopping

Studies conducted over the last few years have found that mobile users tend to do more shopping online than their computer-based contemporaries. This is particularly true with regard to purchases under $10, so if your store specializes in items that fall within this price range, you need to hop aboard the mobile train. Smart users, in particular, are fond of making small and frequent transactions. Conversely, tablet users have the highest average transaction value of any online shopper.

If you refuse to optimize your online store for mobile browsing, you’re missing out on countless opportunities to increase your profits. Like it or not, we now live in a mobile world, and sites that choose to fight against the current are liable to find themselves sunk. Bearing in mind that mobile users now account for the majority of web traffic, optimizing your site isn’t as hard as you think and mobile users do more shopping than traditional PC users, you can’t afford to write mobile optimization off as a fad.